Spoke at Red Smart Women Week to a room of roughly 50 attendees sharing secrets from my then soon to be released book Anxiety Free. I explained the core central concept to my book and anxiety coaching success when helping clients completely resolve anxiety within a few minutes or a few weeks and shared several strategies for both resolving anxiety completely in the long-term (or not so long-term as the case may be) and for soothing anxiety symptoms in the short-term to enable better functioning day-to-day in their work and personal life.

The talk/training was interactive; I also answered many questions from the audience which was both helpful for them as they were great questions given the limited time I had to share advice and demonstrated they had clearly understood and welcomed the key principles, and just needed clarity, because every person’s experience of anxiety is so different, something I address in the book.


Red Magazine – Hearst Live


Red Smart Women Week 2018

What I did

‘Anxiety Free’ training for 50 attendees.