Delivered training on ‘How to maintain resilience in a changing world’ to a group of 150 senior NHS leaders at an event held by NHS England and NHS Improvement. The training was based on principles and science backed research from my popular book, Resilient Me. The training delivered included interactive exercises for improved learning and enjoyment. When there is change, people face obstacles and anxieties and this training demonstrated quick-and-easy-to-implement strategies for dealing with challenges and change with resilience as well as long term strategies for maintaining resilience, daily.

Also in attendance were many distinguished leaders and speakers, also pictured here, including the Chief Executive of NHS England, Simon Stevens; NHS Improvement Chair, Dido Harding; Chair of the NHS England board, Lord David Prior, and national speakers such as Yvonne Coghill, Director of the National Workforce Race Equality Standard.


NHS England & NHS Improvement


NHS England and Improvement BME Conference: Unity, Visibility and Success!

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Resilience training for 150 senior NHS leaders