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Off-the-shelf and tailored training, workshops and coaching.

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Health and well-being linked to increased engagement and productivity.

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Leading UK coach, resilience and anxiety author, BBC contributor.


Science-based, solution-focused, tried and tested approach.

Mental Health Matters

Supercharge Engagement, Productivity, Loyalty And Results

Create happy, healthy, resilient people for a thriving workplace or school.

During interactive training, I share science-based strategies for maintaining resilience, happiness and good mental health, methods I have used with repeat success with coaching clients and also share in my two popular books, 'Resilient Me: How To Worry Less And Achieve More' and 'Anxiety Free: How To Trust Yourself And Feel Calm'.

Our Mission

Transform People's Lives Quickly With Science And Simplicity.

When people understand how their brain and body function, and why - based on research and common sense - they can achieve seeming miracles in their life in astoundingly little time!

A Little Of My Story

Born To Help People With A Fresh, Intuitive Approach.

A unique voice combined with quick and lasting results for coaching clients led to me being sought as an expert and psychologist for big brands and media, becoming a BBC contributor, and landing a three-book deal with one of the world's 'big five publishers'. I love helping people and knew I wanted to spend my life doing so.

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I Make Maintaining Resilience And Well-Being, Simple.

Stress, resilience, and mental health and well-being training and interactive workshops, one-to-one, one-to-two and group coaching, mediation, and consultancy. For staff, line managers, students, or directors.

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Building Resilience Workshop

Three hour workshop. Attendees will learn a simple formula for resilience, how to enter the workplace or educational setting feeling resilient beforehand and quick research-based strategies that will enable them to boost their resilience when unexpected challenges occur.

Preventative and proactive solutions are covered to help ensure the individuals take charge of their mental health and well-being and any obstacles they encounter.

Resolving Anxiety Workshop

Two hour workshop. Attendees will learn a simple formula for resolving anxiety every time it shows up and they will also learn a load of easy, accessible strategies for soothing their anxiety symptoms both in the workplace or educational setting, and outside. When people feel calm and happy, they perform better and take fewer sick days.

Preventative and proactive research-based solutions are covered to help ensure the individuals take charge of their anxiety and well-being and any issues they encounter.

Tailored Training or Workshop

Request a talk, training session or workshop that suits your needs, time available and budget.

If there are any particular topics you would like addressed in a particular way regarding mental health and well-being, e.g. self-care strategies, mindfulness, social media awareness, resilience building, anxiety resolving, etc, then just let me know and I will let you know if and how I can help you. My involvement can be one-off or on-going.

Creating Well-Being Workshop

Three hour workshop. Attendees will learn easy, fun, research-based strategies for maintaining good mental health and well-being, as well as how to prevent and resolve anxiety and stress, whether in a workplace or educational setting.

Preventative and proactive solutions are covered and attendees learn how we affect one another and how everyone benefits when we take care of ourselves.

Building Better Relationships

One and half hour workshop. Attendees will learn easy, effective strategies for building better relationships based on research, ideal for building better customer relationships and better workplace relationships.

Research shows emotions are contagious and also that positive relationships can be good for our health and well-being and negative relationships can be bad for our health and well-being. Relationship skills help people to build better relationships and produce emotions worth spreading.

Coaching Clinic

Whether by appointment only or as a drop-in clinic, on-site coaching allows for coaching sessions of any length you require, e.g. 20, 30 or 60 minute sessions. Sessions can be one-to-one, one-to-two, or for groups.

All coaching is science-based, solution-focused, proactive, results-driven, compassionate, intuitive and nearly always fast-working, producing lasting results. We deal with issues at their root cause and solutions incorporate practical steps.

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